- Rhiannon is -

An overwhelmed, chronically sleep-deprived mother of two small children, who also maybe sometimes possibly deals with the tiniest bit of anxiety and then writes about those things

A concert-going, roller skating, weather lover who unexpectedly fell into preemie parenting, and who writes about those things, too.

Sometimes maybe funny a little bit

- Rhiannon is not -

Good with directions - either the routes and maps sort, or the rules and regulations sort.

Sure. Of anything

- Rhiannon has -

Written for websites such as: Pregnant Chicken, Scary Mommy, National Lampoon, Huffington Post, BLUNTmoms, MockMom, Reality Moms, Today Parenting Team, parent.co, and others

Had her work featured on the front pages of TODAY.com and Huffington Post

A nice collection of rejections from McSweeney's. And one acceptance!

A sarcasm problem

- Rhiannon has not -

Sold her kids to the circus. Yet.

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