- Rhiannon is -

An overwhelmed, chronically sleep-deprived mother of two small children, who also maybe sometimes possibly deals with the tiniest bit of anxiety and then writes about those things

A concert-going, roller skating, weather lover who unexpectedly fell into preemie parenting, and who writes about those things, too.

Sometimes maybe funny a little bit

- Rhiannon is not -

Good with directions - either the routes and maps sort, or the rules and regulations sort.

Sure. Of anything

- Rhiannon has -

Written for websites such as: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Pregnant Chicken, Scary Mommy, National Lampoon, Huffington Post, BLUNTmoms, MockMom, Reality Moms, McSweeney's, Today Parenting Team, parent.co, and others

A sarcasm problem

- Rhiannon has not -

Sold her kids to the circus. Yet.

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