Durham, NC - Local mother Ruby Grace has made headlines yet again....

Satirical mother Ruby Grace lives in Durham, North Carolina with her fake husband, Dylan, and her two fake children, Eliza and Arlo. She is the frequent subject of speculation, judgement, and ire from the other moms. The good moms. The annoying as shit sanctimoms. Don't be like them. Be like Ruby.

Any resemblance to any actual person, living or dead, is hysterical and... sort of the point, really.

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Mother Agrees to Playdate Against Better Judgment

Durham, NC — A distraught local mother has barricaded herself in the bathroom of a nearby Chuck E. Cheese for over an hour. Authorities were alerted to the most recent disappearance of Ruby Grace when she refused to exit the third stall from the left. “I thought she might be sick. Like, maybe she had eaten a bad churro or something,” restaurant manager Cody Walters said. “Why do we even sell churros at a pizza place?” 
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Local Family Searches “Literally Everywhere” for Missing Mother

Durham, NC – Authorities were alerted Sunday night to the disappearance of frazzled mother, Ruby Grace. Last seen carrying a load of laundry to the basement, her family became concerned when dinner failed appear as if by magic. “There wasn’t a single thing to eat in the entire house,” moaned Grace’s husband, Dylan Ripley. He reenacted this harrowing realization by blankly staring into the fully-stocked fridge. “It was awful.”
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Mother Reads Actual Book at Park, Onlookers Suspect Financial Trouble

Durham, NC – Seemingly oblivious to the stares and hushed comments, local mother Ruby Grace was recently seen reading at the park while her children, Arlo and Eliza, played quietly nearby. The 35-year-old mother of two was the subject of much speculation as she sat with her nose buried in an actual paper book. “Do you think her Kindle broke?” asked incredulous mother Sally Salsburg, proud owner of three Kindles, an iPad, an Android phone, and an obsolete Blackberry that she calls her “Crackberry” while believing to be the first to make that joke.
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Local Woman Escorted Off Premises After Gun Revealed To Be Yoga Mat

Durham, NC - Local mother and yoga enthusiast Ruby Grace was escorted out of a weekend GOP rally after the gun she was carrying was revealed to be a yoga mat. Authorities were alerted by Sharon Stiles, who says her aunt participates in yoga. "I knew right away what it was from the [lotus] flower on the bag. My aunt has something like that tattooed on her shoulder, and she is crazy liberal. I mean, she drinks her tea hot, for christ sake.
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Overwhelmed Mother Preps Kid's Lunch the Night Before, Is Late for Work Anyway

Durham, NC — Working mother Ruby Grace scoured the internet on Monday looking for tips to help her arrive at work by 8 a.m. for the first time since her oldest child started kindergarten. Claiming she had already taken their advice of picking out her family’s clothes and gathering school supplies the night before, the 35-year-old mother of two decided to seek further help in an online moms’ group. “I’ve already cut my tardiness from 17 minutes to 12!” she exclaimed.
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Careless Mother Subject of Internet Lynch Mob After Incident at Snake Exhibit

Durham, NC- After the recent, near-tragic accident involving a child and a snake display at the local science museum, the probably careless mother of the 6-year-old girl is taking action and vowing to never make the same mistakes again. On March 30th, potentially negligent mother, Ruby Grace, failed to notice the disappearance of the glass separating her daughter, Eliza, and the museum’s boa constrictor. “I mean, who expects the glass to just vanish?” asked Grace.