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Preemie Babies 101

The Journey to Ear Tubes

Prematurity is the gift that keeps on giving. Even if you were lucky enough to escape the NICU with no lingering complications, sometimes issues will crop up much later that leave you wondering if prematurity is rearing its ugly head again. For us, it has been hearing issues. Is it related to prematurity, genetics, or the luck of the draw? No way to tell, though his early arrival did play into our decision to go the route of ear tubes.

6 Tips for Helping Siblings With Your Hospital Bed Rest

When you have big kids at home, hospital bed rest makes you grateful for five minutes of peace while simultaneously tearing your heart out. It makes an already painful time even trickier to navigate. When I was 29 weeks pregnant with my son I started bleeding - it was my daughter's fifth birthday. It had been a beautiful day - full of chaos, fun and good friends. By midnight, I would be in an ambulance on my way from our regional hospital to Duke.
Sammiches & Psych Meds

Practical Advice for Surviving Hospital Bed Rest

Hospital bed rest is not the worst that can happen — in fact, it exists to prevent the literal worst that can happen. But at the time? At the time it feels pretty fucking terrible. Imagine being a human pin cushion with a headache and a catheter. Not exactly a fun vacation. Some people are not allowed to so much as step foot out of their beds. I have a friend who wasn’t allowed to wear underpants for the duration. I was lucky; for a lot of my stay I was able to get up and walk around. No two si
Pregnant Chicken

When You Skip The Third Trimester

Don’t get me wrong, by the second trimester I looked fanfuckingtastic, like I was sneaking a well-inflated basketball out of the sporting goods section of Target. I rocked the preg-tini at the pool, my tattoo battling an expanding midsection, as the grandmas gasped, “in my day!” and fell against the fainting couch. Though I was stoked to let my ab muscles have a break and embrace my inner earth mother goddess while my round belly threatened to go hulk smash on my pre pregnancy shirts
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