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Gestational Diabetes symptoms & treatment –

Simply put, gestational diabetes is diabetes that develops during pregnancy. It is a result of high blood sugar, due to your body not producing enough insulin to counteract the glucose we get from our food. If I ever write a book about pregnancy it will be called, “Who the hell knows why?” What we do know, is that while you’re pregnant, your body sometimes works against itself in the pursuit of growing a baby.
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The Internet is Smitten With Giraffe Labor and Delivery Live Feed - NSFW?

An extremely pregnant giraffe named April has stolen the hearts and productivity of the internet. April, a 15-year-old reticulated giraffe, resides at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY, where she is due to give birth to her fourth baby any day now. In order to raise awareness of the plight of the giraffe, the park has set up a live feed to watch April until the baby is born. I will not confirm or deny that I have spent hours upon hours with the feed up on my second monitor.
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The Cincinnati Zoo Has Made Us All Fall in Love With Fiona the Premature Hippo

In January, the Cincinnati Zoo confirmed the pregnancy of its 17-year-old Nile Hippopotamus, Bibi, via the world’s first ultrasound image of a hippo fetus. Evidently, bribing a 3,000-pound hippo to stand still while you press a wand all over her belly is about as easy as convincing my toddler to eat peas. A normal hippo pregnancy is approximately 8 months, so Bibi’s due date was sometime in March. Unfortunately, in late January she unexpectedly went into labor, giving birth to baby Fiona six weeks early.
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Growth Vs Proficiency: An Illustrated Open Letter To Ms. DeVos

It became quite clear during your nomination hearing that you don’t really know that much about education. Or guns or bears or sexuality. Three of those four things seem like important topics for Secretary of Education. You really appeared to stumble when asked about growth vs proficiency. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on education. I don’t have to. Nobody nominated me for the highest position on the subject. I will stick to analogies. I’m good at those.

Turning Valentine's Day Inside Out With Mindfulness Crafts

Valentine's Day is a greeting card holiday. A lot of people hate the lesson it teaches -- the idea that you only have to show your love and feelings this one day every year. What if we take it and turn it into a time to help us get better at dealing with our day-to-day emotions? By helping our kids help themselves, we can teach them better tools to help others. Valentine's Day is all about feelings, so let's help our kids learn to deal with the feelings they have.
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Bye, Ringling: 10 Mostly Clown-Free Alternatives to the Circus

As news broke that Ringling Bros is shutting their tarps and hanging up their top hats, the reactions were mixed. While many people consider the circus an annual event and will mourn the end of a tradition, others are celebrating the closure and subsequent rehoming of the animals they consider to be grossly mistreated. Despite it being a sarcastic part of my official bio, I have never cared for the circus.
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The '2016: The Movie' Trailer Is Here and I For One Would Love a Full-Length Film

Back when we were so naive and hopeful. A time when a much larger percentage of the celebrities we love were still alive. The halcyon days of yore, when Donald Trump was still a terrible joke paving the way to our first woman president. In the hindsight show reel of 2016, we are screaming at ourselves to not open that fucking door. Don’t go in there. RUN! No matter how many times we try to warn ourselves, we know we sauntered right on into 2016 like it was our bitch.
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Man Shouts Truth About Santa to Kids in Mall, Will Totally Get Coal in Stocking

David Grisham, an evangelical preacher, has taken it upon himself to teach the truth about Santa to other people’s children. Grisham — who appears to have borrowed his approach to ministry from Westboro Baptist Church — went on a minutes-long tirade against sin and Santa at a mall in Amarillo, Texas, as children waited in line to see the jolly Sinner-in-Chief himself. After all, nothing says “good Christian soul” like making a bunch of kids cry at Christmas.
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Top 50 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Rarely is the Pinterest rabbit hole as deep and enticing as when looking up ideas for maternity photos. It is easy to get sucked into the otherworldly goddess and majestic beach photos but do you hire a photographer and give her a list of exact poses you want? Or do you say “screw it” and just take selfies with your phone? Either way, we’ve found 50 ideas that may give you some inspiration thanks to the folks that make the MaterniT® 21 PLUS test.

Hurricane preparation for and with children: A handy list

If you live anywhere along the East coast, you likely have a plan for what needs to be done when a hurricane threatens. Maybe you evacuate at the first mention of the word “tropical,” or maybe you clear the store shelves of milk and vodka. Even if you have spent years telling your kids their rooms look like they've been hit by hurricanes, prepping for a storm with children requires a few extra steps beyond, “Someone get the chips, and where is Jim Cantore?”
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Sweatpants & Pets | The Dog with Nine (-ish) Lives

Once, near the top of a waterfall, Steven lost his footing and fell into the river. He managed to grab a boulder and avoid going over the precipice of the falls, but while he tried to work out what to do next Jessie jumped in after him. He reached out and grabbed Jessie by the tail just before he went over the edge, using his free arm to pull him against his body. Steven had one arm around the rock, and one arm around the dog, leaving exactly zero arms to carry out any escape plan. They were trying to save each other.

Why did I get in a wet paper bag in the first place? ⋆

“God, you got a negative sense of direction, hon.” Ed to Evelyn, Fried Green Tomatoes My mom’s version was always, “Rhiannon could get lost in a wet paper bag.” I’ll have you know that’s not true, because I would claw my way straight through the soggy paper.  I have mad problem solving skills.  The fact that I’d never find the entrance is pretty spot on, though. There’s no real accounting for it, just the knowledge that it’s always been like this.